A professionally designed website for you at a low cost price.

A website is the most accessible representation of you or your business to an enormous volume of people from almost any location. These days whenever people have to make a purchase they instinctively log onto the Internet and try to visit the website of the business.

They simply assume that every business has a website - and businesses that don't, don't mean business.

Irrespective of the fact whether you can directly sell from your web site or not, a website should be an integral part of your business. It is important that any website design gives prospective clients the right impression of your company and presents your company as a professional, competent business. To do this your website must convey such an image and will only do so if it is professionally designed itself.

Website design in HTML5/XHTML/CSS
Sites developed using ASP.NET, Wordpress or Shopify for rich user interfaces and platforms such as e-Commerce and Content Management Systems.
Experience with Javascript, JQuery and AJAX to make your website more beautiful, compatible and scalable.
SQL and database design from MSAccess to MySQL, MSSQLServer and Oracle.
Logo design, business cards and marketing media to help with the branding of your business.
Getting your meta-tags, sitemap and analytics in place to monitor the success of your site and advising on methods to improve the online visibility of your website.

About me

My name is Cyril Connolly. I have a BSc in Computer Systems and have been developing and supporting applications and websites for over 14 years in various full-time roles.

SimpleWeb is a one man operation and has been operating since 2009. Simply one point of contact for scope, design, quotes, development and support. My services are only available on a part-time basis as I am in full-time employment.


Thank you for all your hard work on my website www.bumpbabyandme.ie. You have great vision, were so easy to deal with, and always helped out when needed! I will recommend you without hesitation. [Kathy Milliken ]

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